Student services

The Sarajevo Canton Public Institution – Student Healthcare Institute of the University of Sarajevo (the Institute) provides primary specialist and counselling healthcare to students at the University in Sarajevo.
We recommend informing yourself upon your arrival, before case of emergency happens.

We strongly encourage you to purchase general insurance (accident and liability) prior to your departure for Bosnia and Herzegovina. Contact your own international office for further advice on where to take our insurance policy. Alternatively you may take out an insurance policy with international Health Insurance (IHI). If you have chronic medical problems requiring prescription medication, it is a good idea to bring copies of your medical history issued by your local doctor.
not applicable to Erasmus Mundus scholarship program, as the insurance is included.

Please note that medicines are not free in Bosnia and Herzegovina. For more info:

Working hours of the Institute are:
7.30 am to 7.00 pm Monday – Friday
7.30 am to 1.00 pm on Saturday
The Institute is closed on Sunday.

University of Sarajevo has a main national library which can be used for studying and research. Also, every faculty and academy of our university have its own library area with study books and materials. Some of the libraries require previous registration with a fee. Do check with the student services at the faculty/academy upon your arrival.

Broadband internet access is widely available throughout the City of Sarajevo (cable, ADSL, wireless) but it depends also on your accommodation (ask for details). Prices and speeds are changing (currently for 15 Euros per month you can get 1-2Mbit flat rate). Many faculties and academies have their own computer rooms and internet availability. Also, beside internet cafes, many cafes and bars have free Wi-Fi.

Student Parliament is formed through student associations at the Faculties, Academies and associated member institutions. It works on development and improvement of the quality of the studies and student’s standard. Student Parliament will be always focused on international relations, welcoming foreign students and making them available for their requires. More info on:


Roughly estimation of living costs for a single person per month:
Housing 200 €
Meals 300 €
Books 50 €
Local transportation 25€
Pocket money 150 €

To save money, we recommend buying a monthly ticket for public transport services. There is a student discount, so make sure you give right information when buying tickets or any necessities.