Good to know

B&H country code 387
Sarajevo city code 033
B&H exit code 00

Police 122
Fire-fighters 123
Ambulance 124

Working hours:
Weekdays: 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Saturdays: 8 a.m. to 14 p.m. (depends on shops)
Sundays and holidays: Depends on shops, grocery shops are open, but usually closed

Pharmacies are all over the city centre, and you can easily locate them by their green cross.

Drinking Water
Water is drinkable from a pipe and of a high quality in the public water supply system throughout the country.

Voltage 220 V, frequency 50 Hz

Embassies in Sarajevo
You will find the information about diplomatic-consular missions located in the Bosnia and Herzegovina on the web-pages of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina:


Bachelor Thesis – Diplomski rad
Course – Nastavni predmet
Degree – Akademski stepen
Department – Odsjek
Doctoral Studies or Doctoral Programme – Doktorski studij ili doktorski program
Exam – Ispit (oral-usmeni, written-pismeni)
ECTS credits – ECTS bodovi
Faculty – Fakultet
Individual consultations – Konsultacije
Laboratory – Laboratorij
Learning Agreement – Ugovor o učenju
Master Thesis – Magistarski rad
Partial exam – Parcijalni ispit/Kolokvij
Postgraduate Study – Postdiplomski studij
Study year – Godina studija
Transcript (of records) – Prijepis ocjena
Tuition Fees/Tutorial Fees – Školarina
University – Univerzitet

Good morning – Dobro jutro
Good afternoon – Dobar dan
Good evening – Dobra večer
Goodbye – Doviđenja
Answer – Odgovor
Building – Zgrada
Direction – Smjer
Excuse me – Oprostite
Exit – Izlaz
Entrance – Ulaz
Forbidden – Zabranjeno
Help! – U pomoć!
Hi – Zdravo
How much is it? – Koliko košta?
How are you? – Kako ste?
Illness – Bolest
Location – Mjesto
No – Ne
Yes – Da
Please – Molim
Pull! – Vuci!
Push! – Gurni!
Question – Pitanje
Square – Trg
Street – Ulica
Thank you – Hvala
Welcome – Dobro došli
What is your name? – Kako se zovete?
Where do you come from? – Odakle ste?