Experience Sarajevo

Sarajevo – a city or a living legend? There is not one person that has not heard about Sarajevo at least once in their life, a place of stunning beauty, and a recent testimony to human courage in the face of adversity. Sarajevo has been the meeting point between east and west for hundreds of years, the place where time seems to freeze. Many civilizations and Empires have passed through this city, each of them leaving traces behind that can be found all over. In just a few hundred meters in Sarajevo, Catholic and Orthodox churches, mosques and Jewish synagogues proudly stand side by side. Centuries have passed by and they still stand out, welcoming travelers. Experience for yourself the warm welcome and the historical riches that make Sarajevo unique. But remember, once you come here you will always want to return. Walk down Baščaršija and you will still see a mixture of traditional craft stalls next to contemporary fashion retailers. Every few steps there are an ancient chapel, mosque or relic of the Ottoman Empire. Famous for its traditional religious diversity, Sarajevo has often been called “Jerusalem of Europe”, with adherents of Islam, Orthodoxy, Catholicism and Judaism coexisting there for centuries.

Just in one place you can find unbelievable natural beauty and richness this country possesses, all historical monuments you need to visit, as well as all tourist attractions that wait for you to come. Find some time to enjoy the beauties the city of Sarajevo and the whole of Bosnia-Herzegovina have to offer. Do not miss exploring some of the witnesses of history and times long past, monuments that still preserve the spirit of the old times and remain seals of historical events.

Sarajevo has always attracted the attention of kings, clerics and conquerors because of its enviable location on the Balkan Peninsula. Located 500m above the sea level, it is surrounded by mountains and forests in a river valley. And since ancient times it has acted as gateway for the peoples of Greece and Asia Minor migrating towards the Midwest of Europe or vice-verse. Although settlement in the area goes back to prehistoric times, the modern city was founded as an Ottoman stronghold in the 15th century. In 1914 it was the site of the assassination that sparked World War I. The tensions that caused that original protest continued into the 20th century, ripping apart the Socialist Yugoslav Federation, and manifesting in the more recent Aggression on Bosnia and Herzegovina. The dawn of a new era of peace and stability breaks for Sarajevo in the 21st century.

Experience Sarajevo through its cultural and everyday life. Check the local museum, restaurants, coffee places, libraries, join some sport activity, participate in festivals, and learn more about the city and country that you will spend certain time in.