The Sarajevo Students’ Center is a public institution providing accommodation to full-time students of the University of Sarajevo. There are two student dorms in Sarajevo:

Address: Bardakčije St. 1
This student dorm offers 1.000 beds (152 two-bed rooms, 201 three-bed rooms and 29 four-bed rooms). Only 108 rooms have their own bathroom, rest are shared), dinning room, internet center, caffe and pizza place.

Address: Aleja Bosne srebrene bb
This student dorm has 960 beds (192 two-beds room and 192 three-bed rooms, all rooms have bathrooms), dinning room, reading room, internet center, caffe and pizza place.

Students apply for accommodation at the student dorms through an advertisement published for each year in mid-June before the start of the academic year.
However, for international students there are rooms available without advertisement. The room and board (two meals: lunch and dinner) are made available from 15th of September to 15th of July, i.e. for the 10 months that make up the academic year.
Students must pay the full price of the room and board at the Student Dorms, which (currently) amounts to 150 € per month. In the summer vacation period, 15th July – 25th October Student Centre provides services to private guests, members of various cultural, sports, educational and other events taking place in Sarajevo, and students excursions.
it is possible to accommodate up to approximately 1500 guests at the student dorms Nedžarići and Bjelave. All additional information about applying for room and board at the Student Dorms is available at:

Address: Podgaj St. 6
Phone: + 387 33 569 730 and + 387 33 569 740

Also, private accommodations are available.

RECOMMENDATION: it would be good to contact our ESN association for needed information regarding the private accommodation.