Study programmes include topics such as Dental Medicine

About the programmes
The dental education program has maintained its leadership role in dental education and research in Bosnia and Herzegovina by educating distinguished graduates capable of functioning in which this profession demands.

Teaching methods include lectures, seminars and personal tutorials, practical session, guest speakers. Practical sessions are organized in laboratories and clinics. This is all arranged in correlation with lectures/professors. You will also spend a significant amount of time in doing personal study.

Lectures are given in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian. You have to check with the Faculty coordinator whether they give the opportunity to follow lectures or take exams in English.

Assessment is by courseware, classroom tests and examinations. Group learning, teamwork, individual work and communication skills are assessed through design group studies and reports as well as presentations. Practical work is also a part of the examinations.

Degree and qualifications
The first and second cycles are integrated with study program and last 6 years (total of 360 ECTS). Following the graduation from the Faculty, candidates can enroll in studies at postgraduate level.

Career options
The area of Dentistry offers many different types of jobs and career options at a variety of educational and professional levels. Dentists and other dental professionals enjoy career stability and a choice of many career opportunities. Dentistry involves a broad range of professionals, from doctorate level to administrative level people. All of these dental professionals work together to provide oral care and dental health maintenance services from cleansing to more specialized procedures and surgeries.

Programmes are taught at:


Address: Bolnička 4a, 71000 Sarajevo

Phone: +387 33 214 249

Fax: +387 33 443 395

Web: www.sf.unsa.ba


Contact person:

Prof. dr. Sedin Kobašlija, Vice-Dean
Email:  dentalschool@sf.unsa.ba

Offered programmes:

Integrated BACHELOR & MASTER studies

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